Curb Cut Management Plan for Routes 6, 53, 58 and 302 in Bethel, Connecticut (2012)

KWH prepared a curb cut management plan for Routes 6, 53, 58 and 302 in Bethel, Connecticut. Lack of an up-to-date curb cut plan for these urban State roadways was considered a deficiency by the HVCEO Regional Transportation Plan. Significant changes in land uses have occurred along these commercial corridors, and the Town is actively engaged in pursuing further economic development opportunities in these areas. This plan will help implement sound access management policies as these corridors are developed.

The plan detailed long-term conceptual planning arrangements for driveways and where desirable, internal connections among adjacent properties and outlined the community’s planning standards for access along the corridors. The main focus of the access management plan was to ensure that unsignalized driveways are located to minimize traffic friction and the potential for accidents.

The planning process involved close coordinations with the Town Planner, the Planning and Zoning Commission and the public through techincial meetings, a presentation and a public workshop.

The final report can be found on the HVCEO web site here (63 mb).

Bethel, Connecticut

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