Traffic Signal Improvements, Fairfield, Connecticut (2011)

As a follow-up to Mr. Hua’s prior traffic signal design work for Stantec, KWH provided construction-phase traffic engineering assistance for the off-site intersection and traffic signal improvements associated with the proposed Fairfield Metro Train Station and the one million-square-foot multi-use Fairfield Metro Center in Fairfield, Connecticut.

The project involved new signalized intersections and revising existing traffic signals at eleven locations throughout the town. Elements of the design included intersection layout, traffic capacity analysis, and new traffic signal phasing and timing schemes.

The traffic signal improvements were an important part of the infrastructure system to support the revitalization of the 35-acre brownfield site located next to the Metro North railway. When completed, the project will consist of the train station; a 1,500-space commuter lot; a center green; a retail pavilion; a 200-room hotel; 800,000 square feet of office space; and a 42,000-square-foot fitness center.

Fairfield, Connecticut

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